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Key Elements To Be Considered While Designing A Website

How important is it to have an amazing website for your commercial enterprise? In general we say that "The first impression is the best impression" and it is also applicable to a website!

key elements to design a website

1-June 2018

Key Elements To Be Considered While Designing A Website

In this digital age the internet is so intertwined with people's’ lives, and it isn't exaggerating to mention we are literally dwelling online. Maximum number of the customers check online before they purchase the product or service. In this competitive and dynamic digital world, an ordinary business website doesn’t hold the customers too long. It’s important to have a good website for a business to persuasively promote your product or offers to the customers. Therefore a website’s layout plays a vital role in this competitive world.

Key factors to consider:
Aesthetics/Balancing The Text and Graphics
Frequency of protection
Barriers to view: Registration requirement
Aesthetics/Balancing The Text and Graphics:

A well designed and aesthetically brilliant website immediately attracts a visitor. The “aesthetics”: Visual, Audio and Interactive manner of a website is very important. These elements play an important role in developing the desired photo of the website and website genre.

The subject or theme selected for the website should be in harmony with your enterprise. Selected colors and fonts should be balanced according to the topic. Page backgrounds should not be subduing and controlling the pages.

Choosing an audio or video content material over text which loads automatically while a customer clicks and opens the website may not be the best idea, though it sounds good. It is best to give a choice to the users to view a video or audio instead of making it obligatory. If it is necessary to have a video or audio that automatically displays, then display it with a smooth exit option, so that the user will feel convenient to exit the video. Few lines of the valid description will convey the content as easily as a video occasionally. It’s suggested to test and see which method works out the best.


Navigation and accessibility directly affects conversions. Navigation of a website ought to be rational, spontaneous and very easy to understand, so that the user will stay on the website for a long time. Viewers will be frustrated and fed up when there is no proper navigation.

Terrible content structure drops conversion and retention rates. A neat and concise grouping of similar content material will make navigation effortless. Highlighted key phrases and Bold headlines immediately catches customer’s attention when they are insearch of that particular phrases.


Content is the thing that makes the viewer to stay on the website for a long time, so let your content be short and specific with necessary words. It is like a feast to the reader who goes through the website and records provided on the webpage ought to be able to engage the reader. Uninteresting and beside the point content will leave a terrible impact and make the user to leave the website.

Awesome content is the gateway to maintain site visitors and to attain high rating on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Content and design of the website are equally important.

Frequency of protection

It’s very essential to update the content time to time depending upon the trends, to gather large number of visitors. The addition of blog or a webpage to a website and pushing latest news or events or business photographs in them are the best ways to hold a fresh content.


The credibility of a website brings trust to customers. Reputed and Top level organizations need not worry about credibility but small and mid-level companies have to earn the trust, then only consumer will trust that the company is genuine. Credibility is one of the essential qualities a website should have. A non-functional website and longer loading times instantly drop a tourist’s agree with. The following or the key factors to consider for credibility:

Prominent display of your/team’s portfolio
Physical address
Contact information
Client lists
Customer support via phone, email, live chat
Multiple and reliable payment methods

Barriers to view: Registration requirement

Do not force the viewer to fill up his personal information by keepon throwing popups on the web page, by such act the viewer will be frustrated and closes your website; instead come up with a simple registration form when the viewer is about to close the window, this can be found by "Mouse Movement Softwares".

Conclusion :

It is very essential to analyze the website from time to time and should keep the website up to date. A good website will make you to stand above all your competitors, because your website speaks a lot on your behalf, and only speaking websites will generate much traffic.

Article by:

Chakravarthy Jah