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Importance Of Mobile Apps In Business

No matter what the business is, mobile is the new face of customer engagement in these days. If your business is available online and if your business have a smartphone app then you can see elevation in your business when the app is downloaded by your customer. In these days mobile devices are challenging personal computers with over billions of smartphones in use.

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Importance Of Mobile Apps In Business

The majority of mobile users who use mobile apps are more than them that access the internet on a personal computer. That means if you are only using a website as a marketing tool without any mobile app related to your business, then you are missing your potential customers in a large range.

Usage of the Smartphone in a common man’s life

The usage of the smartphone is rigorous in people's life these days. It has become a lifestyle. As per the ABI’s latest research Mobile apps help boosting business upto 80%, because people spend more time on mobiles than on TV and Computer. People are using their smartphones for an average of 3.3 hours a day and almost 68% of the mobile users are already engaging with brands via apps. 71% spend over two hours a week accessing company information on Mobile. 48% of 18 to 34 year old’s check their Facebook first in the morning. Kids spend more than 5 hours a day with smartphone. 57% of the people talk online than in real life, because of these statistics we can consider smartphone as an essential part in the human life.

Analyzing the above information one can easily understand that the mobile application is very important in business

Why Business need Mobile Application

A business will be in success only if it is engaged to customers by using latest technologies. Mobile / Web Application keeps your business alive in customers hands. In an average day customer spend 80 minutes in mobile apps and 70 minutes in web surfing. There is a demand to have applications for inviting potential customers.

Mobile Apps can benefit your business in a real good manner.

Mobile apps are three types namely: Native apps, Web apps and Hybrid apps.

Types of Mobile Apps
How Social Media Works
There are 3 kinds of Mobile Apps:

Web Apps

Native Apps

Hybrid Apps

Web Applications:

These Web Applications are built by using HTML / CSS / Javascript, and these runs inside a web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari etc.). These are built like a regular website or web app that are designed to look good on mobile devices.

Advantages :

Easy to build

Easy to maintain

Much cheaper than native and hybrid apps

Single application can run on all platforms

Disadvantages :

Need to run in a browser

Less interactive

No icon on desktop

Cannot interact with device utilities

Slower than Native apps

Native Mobile Applications

Native Mobile apps are built by using native programming languages that runs on specific platforms. This is the most common type of mobile app.

Advantages :

Runs very fast on a specific platform

Distributed in Appstore

Much Interactive and intuitive

Interact with device utilities

Disadvantages :

Harder Languages

Single Platform

Very expensive

Hard to maintain

Hybrid Mobile Applications

Hybrid mobile apps are the combination of Native applications and Web applications, which are built by HTML / CSS / Javascript and runs inside a webview

Advantages :

Single App for all platforms

Much cheaper than a native app

Easy to build - HTML / CSS/ Javascript

No browser needed

Can access device utilities using an API

Faster to develop that Native Apps


Slower than Native Apps

More expensive than Web Apps

Less interactive than Native Apps

Mobile Apps are widely used in the following Businesses:-
  • Retail (online shopping)
  • Pharma
  • Education
  • Paying bills
  • Travel purpose
  • Communication purpose
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment (Games, music, videos etc.)
Benefits of Mobile Apps:-
  • Enormous opportunity to develop E-business
  • Getting official information from the customers
  • Gives more value to the customers
  • Much comfort to the customer
  • Saves time for the customers
  • Reduces cost and increases customer engagement
  • Mobile Apps aid promotion and offers support
  • Enhances the visibility of your brand
  • Some products will be delivered at the doorstep of the customer
  • Best social media platform

The key benefits having mobile apps are especially push notifications. When the user downloads the mobile app, then you are able to send messages to your customers mobile, so that they automatically see your offers and promotions. Using your mobile app to allow the customer to have all your information any time, this will result in improved sales, improves service and better user experience of your business. Basically a mobile application can do everything that your website can do like Complex Calculations, Better Personalization, Better Interactivity and Offline access. It can help you in retaining existing and get new customers.

Conclusion :

After analyzing all the statistics and importance of mobile apps we can conclude that mobile app is must for any kind of business these days. To generate revenue and customer satisfaction in your business, one must have a business mobile application. To meet the ever growing needs we offer a custom mobile app development service for any kind of business across iOS & Android and other cross platforms.

Article by:

Chakravarthy Jah