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As up to today there were 300,000,000+ registered websites on the internet! Most of us rely on search engines to find what we want on the internet.

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Social Media Marketing And Its Benefits

Social Media can make you or break you! The power of Social Media is unpredictable, it is an undeniable force in today's world. It will be a mighty tool for business when handled efficiently . Recent statistics declares that there will be approximately 3 billion active social media users by 2021.

Approximately 80% of the Americans has atleast one social media account, nearly 200 million active users from India and 600 million active users from China. It is estimated that by 2022 there will be a tremendous increase in social media active users.

How Social Media Works

How Social Media Marketing And Its Benefits Works

When you promote your website or a blog post on social media, obviously it reaches to all of your followers. And when your followers perform certain activities like, “Sharing your post”, “Liking your post” or “Commenting” etc., then because of the interactions done through them shows that people are interested on your post and there will be a decent increase in traffic to your website. New visitors will be introduced to your website when your post is shared by your followers, and this kind of traffic generation is called Referral Traffic. Consistency and discipline is important regarding your postings to gain referral traffic. Else you should pay to the channels of social media to reach your post to the maximum which is called as Paid Traffic.

Social Media Marketing spreads brand awareness of your product.

There are many platforms for Social Media and the top ten social media channels and their active users are listed below:

Top 10 Social Media Channels Active Users(approximately)
Facebook 2,130,000,000
Twitter 330,000,000
Youtube 1,500,000,000
Linkedin 106,000,000
Pinterest 175,000,000
Google+ 111,000,000
Instagram 800,000,000
Tumblr 111,000,000
Flickr 112,000,000
Reddit 250,000,000

Power of social media

Social Media is like a sharp knife in the hand of an individual which can be used for good and for bad. Social Media is very helpful for Individuals and for celebrities to share their views and opinions with each other globally. It also plays a vital role in businesses, and it is the best tool for advertising which has a very great impact on businesses and very cost effective.

Social Media can make you or break you!

In this digital era, the role of social media is unpredictable. It can make you or break you. Best examples are Mr. Arshid Khan and Mr. Evan Spiegel. Mr. Arshid khan (chaiwala) from Pakistan, a common man, became overnight celebrity through social media. And Mr. Evan Spiegel, the CEO of Snapchat, who allegedly stated India as a poor country. And after this statement people united together rose against Mr. Evan Spiegel through social media, and it resulted in downfall of Snapchat ratings in Google Play store, today it has 1-Star rating.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media strategy means, it is about how a business or organization will plan, execute, and measure all social media marketing activities. It is the summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve for your business using social networks.

Without strategy, execution is aimless and without execution strategy is useless! Strategy means a plan of action intended to accomplish a specific goal. Business or War, strategy is must!

Era’s have been changed, we are in digital era now, likewise the way of marketing strategies in business has also been changed. People are very much familiar with social media marketing and its benefits these days, so the best way is to adopt the social media marketing strategy in your business and to explore your website across the world virtually .

Some of the Social Media strategies to be focused:
  • Research and know your audience
  • Create a Social Media Template
  • Choose your Social Media Networks
  • Social Media planner or calendar
  • Focus more on how to be social and less on how to do social media
  • High quality creativity inspirational messages are necessary
  • Create and post a relevant content regarding your business
  • Get ready with high quality images and schedule them time to time, without interruption
  • Hashtag is very important, Keep the most associated hashtags with your brand
  • Select your own success metrics through no. of Reaches, Likes, Comments, Shares, Clicks etc.
Benefits of Social Media Marketing
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • More Inbound Traffic
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Better Customer Satisfaction
  • Cost-Effective
  • Reputation Management
  • Customer Engagement
  • Open and Faster Communication
  • Retargeting

Conclusion :

To promote a product or service or a blog page or a website on social media you must follow a strategy, then only you will understand the power of the social media marketing and its benefits. Researchers say that 80% of the world population has smartphones these days, so there is a great opportunity to reach the maximum no. of persons when you advertise on Social Media.

Article by:

Chakravarthy Jah