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IOS Mobile App Development

ios app development

The iOS, formerly known as iPhone OS is an Apple product, and "i" infront of Apple stands for Internet. The most fashionable apps generally appear on Apple devices first, because of the furor of iPhone. It has a higher scalability which is one of the major requirement for a company and it has a very high level security, that it is almost impossible to hack an iOS application. As of January 2018 Apple's app store consists of more than 2.3 million applications and were downloaded more than 200 billion times. iOS is the most money-making platform for businesses and we as a mobile app development company in Hyderabad design and develop iOS mobile apps at affordable prices.

Android Mobile App Development

android app development

Android OS is developed by Google. According to 2017 statistics, Android has captured 85% in the global mobile OS market share, this survey tells us that most of the enterprises adopt Android OS to develop customized mobile apps for their business. Android is an open platform built on Linux operating system which is highly secured. Customizable user interface, Open source, Multiple sales channels, Low investment and high Return on investment are its advantages. Android application is much beneficiary to Medium sized enterprises and startups, and we offer mobile app development services to encourage businesses by developing Android mobile apps at affordable prices.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

hybrid app development

Hybrid mobile apps are the combination of Native applications and Web applications, which are built by HTML / CSS / Javascript and runs inside a webview. These apps has a single source code and is accessible to all the APIs platforms. So, one set of source code is enough to run the application on the Android, iOS and Windows platforms, and its web portions are updated on the server-side. These hybrid apps are available in the app stores and also as an application icon on the device. The coding and developing of Hybrid mobile apps are easier, faster and are available at affordable prices, especially for simpler mobile applications and our mobile app developers are efficient in designing hybrid mobile apps.

Mobile Integration

mobile intigaration

Mobile Integration varies from Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C). Generally under Mobile Integration the following core things are considered, they are:- Security and privacy, Device independent services, UI Design, Scalability, Social networking, Offline behaviour, Device management and monitoring, Backend Integration etc. We offer the best mobile app development services and integrate well secured payment gateways to your website with end to end encryption and also integrate analytical tools to your website for tracking the flow of the web traffic. Our mobile app developers will integrate mobile applications with their backend applications like CRM, POS, and ERP to get better results and improved productivity.

Mobile Application Testing

mobile app testing

"Mobile Application Testing" is the process of testing the mobile devices and their functionality. There are various kinds of tests for mobile applications they are: Functionality, Non-Functionality, Interrupt testing, Installation testing, Stress testing, Compatibility testing, Power consumption testing and Interoperability testing etc. Our mobile app developers will test the mobile applications and all its functionalities, in various areas like: level of simulation, speed, resolution, settings, configuration, orientation etc. We test our clients mobile application on various devices, browsers, emulated devices etc. to check the responsive status. Even after launching the mobile application and making it live, we continually monitor for further developments in mobile applications and do the appropriate changes when required.

Mobile Application Security

mobile app security

Usually mobile apps which are on gigantic platforms like Android and iOS are fully secured, yet the hackers find loopholes that can always open backdoors for hackers and can put any business in concern. The possible vulnerabilities are: Weak server-side controls, Insufficient transport layer protection, Unintended data leakage, Poor authentication and authorization and Lack of binary protection. So, we as a mobile app development company suggests all our visitors to go for a third party information security audit, to check whether your app is completely secured or not, or else you can contact our mobile app developers, who will check all the possible vulnerable areas and rectify every error.